Sue NissenKraig Kooiker

Department: Belt Cleaner Products & Light Duty Assembly
Flexco Family Member Since: 2006

Kraig Kooiker has finally landed at a place from which he can see himself retiring. After working at several different great companies in the Grand Rapids, Mich. area, Kraig was persuaded by his father-in-law to give Flexco a shot by applying for a job in assembly.

“It’s funny because when I interviewed here, I was a little skeptical,” Kraig says. “I knew nothing of the industry and I wondered how long the company could possibly be a success.”

Given that Flexco had been in business almost 100 years at that point, he quickly decided that maybe this place was right for him and he took the job.

Kraig has remained in assembly throughout his tenure, but now serves as the lead for the department. Through various internships, Kraig has traveled extensively in the U.S. and has even been to China and India to set up assembly warehouses.

“It’s been fun because until I started working at Flexco, I had traveled very little,” Kraig said. “I joke that the 14 hours one way to China eclipsed the total time I had spent on a plane up to that point.”

Aside from the travel, Kraig believes that his favorite part about Flexco is the extra effort that is put in by management.

“Every time I see Rick and Tom, they remember my name, and not just my name, but my wife’s too, and they are quick to ask how my family is doing,” Kraig said. “That’s pretty cool and something I appreciate.”



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