Jim DorynekJim Dorynek

Department: Operations
Flexco Family Member Since: 2006

Jim Dorynek found Flexco at just the right time in his life. The large company he worked for was going through restructuring and Jim wanted to be more than just a number. At the time, Flexco had recently purchased a small company and, after interviewing and liking the family feel, Jim ended up becoming their first engineer.

With rapid growth came the need for more engineers, and Jim quickly stepped up to take on the role of Design Manager. But Jim didn’t stop there. He wanted more out of his career and knew continuing his education was key. “I decided to take advantage of the educational assistance offered by Flexco and went back for my M.B.A.,” Jim said. “There is no way I would have done that without Flexco.” Just before completing his M.B.A., Jim was promoted to Operations Manager at our Woodridge location.

“It’s what I like about being here. It is very self-empowering,” Jim says. “I don’t see myself getting all these opportunities at a larger company. I’m involved in a lot of different things and I can honestly say that I enjoy what I do.”

And the family feel that Jim was looking for? He’s found it. “When we have work outings, we really enjoy each other’s company so it’s like a small family,” Jim said. “And that bonding and fun spills over into the office too, so it really makes us a better business.”

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