Sue NissenTeresa Rayburn

Department: Materials Management
Flexco Family Member Since: 2001

Teresa Rayburn considers processes a mystery … a mystery she likes to unravel and solve. But her career at Flexco is no mystery. She got where she is today with her motivation and desire to do more and be more.

Teresa started out as a packer on the shop floor back when orders were still taken, printed, and hand delivered to the plant. And while she prided herself on being able to hand pack 300 boxes a day and never let down, she knew she wanted to do more at Flexco. When Flexco got a new order management system, a whole new world opened up for Teresa.

“I was able to see how everything connected to each other – from order placement, to material procurement, to product picking, and more,” she said. “Then, I started exploring the reports that were generated to help make the manufacturing process run more smoothly. I was fascinated.”

Teresa knew she had to be a part of this process.

“I met with the General Manager and told him that I was interested in doing more and asked what I needed to do to be a part of the process,” Teresa said. “He told me to take an Excel class and learn as much as I could.”

When an administrative job opened up that involved working with materials management, she jumped at the chance and got the job. Every chance she got to learn more, she did. And her co-workers were more than willing to teach her the ropes.

“At a lot of places, you get held back because people are competing and they are afraid you are going to take their jobs,” Teresa said. “Not at Flexco. Here people want you to succeed.”

The unselfish nature of her co-workers and their supportive training led Teresa to her current job as a planner. She spends all day finding efficient ways to do things and improve on processes. Given that she’s doing what she believes she was meant to do, her feelings about her job and her time at Flexco are no mystery at all. 

“I love manufacturing and I love this place. This is a company you want a career with; this is where you want to stay.”

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