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From Summer Intern to President & CEO, Tom Wujek has had quite the journey during his time at Flexco. We’re hopeful that you’ll have your own unique Flexco story to tell as a future member of our team.


Hear firsthand how Tom made his way to the top and utilized the resources that Flexco offered him along the way in his message to you, our potential teammate!


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By continuously onboarding passionate candidates, Flexco has been able to maintain control as the global industry leader in belt conveyor solutions. We pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative environment that puts our company, our partners, and our people in positions to succeed. In turn, this has allowed us to consistently keep the world’s industries moving forward. 

Whether it is through constant communication within our dedicated departments, or by working hand-in-hand with key industry contacts, the Flexco brand has been able to make a positive impact around the world. 

Everyone has a story. If yours is one that holds a similar sentiment as our value system’s, we would be more than happy to hear it.  

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