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Logan McCoy

Logan McCoyLogan McCoy

Department: Purchasing/Planning
Flexco Family Member Since: 2008

For Logan McCoy, the path to Flexco started with a referral from a former coworker who thought he was a fit for the culture of Flexco.

“The feedback I received from her was outstanding. It sounded like a close environment and I was coming out of the automotive industry, which is often difficult and combative,” Logan says. “I needed a place like Flexco and I was pleasantly surprised that everything she said was true.”

Logan began his time at Flexco as a Manufacturing Manager and he moved to Customer Service Manager and Territory Sales Manager before landing in his current position of Senior Manager Global Supply Chain and Logistics. Throughout his time at Flexco, Logan has been most appreciative of the support and trust shown by senior leadership as he has taken on new roles.

“I have always enjoyed the autonomy I have in performing my job. We all have objectives, but I have so much freedom in how I achieve them and the other activities I’m pursuing,” Logan says. “Being able to draw our own plans for a path forward has allowed my teams to get creative in working to improve the business.”

The sense of senior leadership support for his growth has encouraged Logan to place emphasis on supporting and encouraging his employees to pursue their dreams.

“I place a lot of emphasis on developing future leaders within the organization,” Logan says. “I make sure that my efforts, resources, and time are well invested in meaningful employee development. That investment has paid off as new leaders have emerged and been recognized by the organization. When someone asks what achievement that I am most proud of, that is the one. Leadership development is one of the most important strategic activities that we can invest resources in to ensure business continuity.”

As for Logan’s future, he is committed to continuing to evolve.

“I’m not a person that is content to do the same job for the rest of my career. I want to make a lasting impact where I’m at, continue on within Flexco, and do it all over again,” Logan says. “I won’t say that there’s a role that I’m pursuing that I see as a summit. When I take another step, I will want to keep pressing. As long as I’m working with amazing people and making a difference, the future will take care of itself.”

Published Date

May 09, 2024
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