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Mike Hesslau

Sue NissenMike Hesslau

Department: Sales
Flexco Family Member Since: 1997

“I instantly knew this was the place I wanted to be,” says Mike Hesslau, territory manager at Flexco. “My plan from day one was to retire here.”

More than 20 years later, Mike is well on his way toward that goal.

Mike was always interested in being a member of the sales team here at Flexco, but started his tenure here in a customer service role. In addition to learning existing products, Mike soon became the go-to in his department for information on new products, and was integral in making sure he and his teammates were trained on them. Soon enough, Mike had attended so many classes on our BCP products, he began to teach the classes.

Eventually, his passion and positive attitude were noticed by the marketing department and he was soon on the staff, working on training videos and other projects. As the company continued to expand globally, so did Mike, who spent eight years in Asia training our colleagues in India, Singapore, and China.

“My best memories revolve around the training I did for the folks overseas because they are so passionate about our products,” Mike said. “I’ve always said that I am truly, truly thankful for the opportunity that Flexco gave me to travel and learn about other cultures.”

When a sales spot opened in North America, Mike headed back home to seize the position he had his heart set on 20 years ago … a goal realized.


Published Date

May 09, 2024
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