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Sandra Silva

Sandra SilvaSandra Silva

Department: Operations - Mexico
Flexco Family Member Since: 2003

Sandra was looking for an opportunity to work in large company setting, where she could practice what she learned in the college, and also be challenged to learn more and find opportunities to develop her career. 

“When I first interviewed at Flexco, the Mexico facility was actually located in a house and there were only three people in the office, so it wasn’t exactly the large company that I was looking for, which was funny,” Sandra said.  “However, I felt there was something special about the environment, and after taking the job, I knew that the something special I felt was the values and the culture of Flexco at work.”

Sandra began working at Flexco as an accounting assistant, but had the desire to contribute more and be more. Flexco gave her the opportunity to develop her career, as she rose to the role of accountant, and then to her current position of Regional Controller, supporting our Latin American operations.

“I’ve been at Flexco for more than 15 years, and have always felt happy and motivated to go to work; I desire to contribute more every day and continue to find new ways to challenge myself,” Sandra said.  “I am so blessed because at Flexco I found a perfect place to work that values family, allowing me be there for my children. Flexco is where I want to stay for a long time more.”


Published Date

May 09, 2024
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