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Shari DeBoer

Sue NissenShari DeBoer

Department: Quality
Flexco Family Member Since: 2010

When Shari DeBoer went on a tour of Flexco’s Grand Rapids facility as a board member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, she definitely saw something special.

“It looked like a nice place to work, so I kept an eye out for it until one day it showed up in a job search,” Shari said. “When I got the job, it was everything I was hoping for. I had to pinch myself every day for a while because I really couldn’t believe I had landed at a company that was so good. I kept waiting for that bubble to burst and it still hasn’t.”

When she started as an engineering change coordinator at Flexco, Shari was finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering. She utilized Flexco’s tuition reimbursement program and graduated a year and a half later with the Bachelor’s degree and a certificate in Quality Technology. Shortly after her position was absorbed into the quality department, the manager came to her with a proposition.

“They asked me if I was interested in becoming a quality engineer, given my degree,” Shari said. “Of course, I jumped at the chance to get on the course toward becoming one.”

So now Shari is a quality technician, learning the ropes to move up to quality engineer. In the meantime, she’s enjoying all that Flexco has to offer – from Wellness Programs to fun company events.

“This is a company that’s going to stick around for a while, so I fully intend to retire here,” Shari says. “It’s not often you find a company where you take your job seriously, but are still able to have a good laugh together at all of the fun Flexco events. This is the place to be.”

Published Date

May 09, 2024
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