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Sue Nissen

Sue NissenSue Nissen

Department: Customer Service
Flexco Family Member Since: 1988

Sue Nissen believes that training is just one of the things that sets Flexco apart from the rest. As an employee for almost 30 years, Sue has watched training at Flexco evolve from sitting in an office with a member of the executive team studying a product catalog, to a robust training program that offers continuous product education throughout your career.

Online classes, personalized training on new products, and even refresher courses on our core products keep our customer service team on top of their game.

“If we want more training on something, the training team brings that training to us,” says Sue. “The job has become a lot more technical than when I started, but I feel comfortable enough saying that I can answer about 95% of the questions that come through and that’s pretty great.”

Published Date

May 09, 2024
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