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At Flexco, we recognize the various accomplishments of our employees in a myriad of ways. We celebrate company awards, anniversaries, and retirements. We applaud successful product launches and pat ourselves on the back when sales exceed forecasts. But our biggest celebration of the year comes when our Flexco Excellence Award winners are honored for being true examples of the Flexco values. Check out past winners below.

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    Flavio Negrier, South America - Safety

    In 2017, Flexco Chile not only celebrated five years of operation, but also five years of safety. It was Plant Manager Flavio Negrier who worked with a safety consultant to develop a detailed safety work plan, ensuring safe working conditions for all employees and keeping in compliance with Chilean safety regulations. Throughout the year, Flavio monitors the progress of the plan and works to adjust it as needed. Flavio’s hard work and attention to detail keeps safety at the top of Flexco Chile’s list.

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    May Dai, Rose Peng, Judy Xu, and Lianbing Yao, China – Customer Excellence

    May Dai, Rose Peng, Judy Xu, and Lianbing Yao all took on the challenge of increased orders with determination and perseverance to make every order a success for Flexco China. They found smarter, more cost-effective ways to enter orders, obtain and complete customs and government documents, and pack and ship product. This customer commitment not only streamlined operations for our internal team, but also resulted in on-time shipping to our customers.

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    Oscar Chibuye, Michael Kaye, Sarah Thackray, and David Wetherell, UK – Operational Excellence

    As the demand in for our H-Type®, P-Type®, and R-Type® cleaners accelerated in Europe, the option to source cleaners from Flexco UK became increasingly attractive in order to meet customer expectations. Oscar Chibuye, Michael Kaye, Sarah Thackray, and David Wetherell worked together to harmonize item codes and nomenclatures with our European office, upgrade the assembly area for a three-fold increase in production, update packaging to fit export standards, and streamline the assembly process to produce cleaners more quickly. This yielded reduced lead times for customers and major savings for Flexco Europe.

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    Rosemary Mills, North America – Community Service

    Flexco is lucky to have had a key employee like Rosemary Mills on our team for more than 35 years. It’s hard to believe that someone could find her even more valuable than we do, but people in her local community would like to challenge that thought. When she isn’t working hard to make Flexco a better place, her amazing work ethic is on display throughout the Grand Rapids-area as she volunteers her time and talents daily. From supporting the Girl Scouts to cultivating a community garden, Rosemary’s commitment to community service serves as inspiration to us all.

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    Zheng Duan, Matt Koca, and Joel Wagner, North America - Creativity

    Recognizing that dust generation is a major concern among our customers and realizing that predicting air pressures/flow along with material flow would better equip Flexco to offer the right solution for a given problem transfer, Zheng Duan, Matt Koca, and Joel Wagner got to work developing a new, proprietary software. Because of the innovative thinking of this team, our designers have yet another tool at their disposal for designing transfer points that work best for the customer.


We reward our employees by offering a competitive benefits package that allows them to support their personal and professional lives. Benefits packages vary by location and are described in more detail upon hire.

The summary below is meant to provide a brief overview of the benefits we offer in the U.S. 

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance for employees and their dependents
  • Life insurance
  • Short-term and Long-term disability insurance
  • Parental leave
  • Adoption Reimbursement
  • 401(k) plan
  • Company-funded pension, 100% vested after 5-years of employment
  • Personal days, Paid vacation, and holidays
  • Tuition Reimbursement, up to 90% reimbursement for tuition expenses
  • In-house and online training programs, as well as reimbursement for external training
  • Employee Assistance program

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    I believe the Flexco core values are what really keep us on track. We focus on our projects with the customer in mind and follow through. This is what moves us from survival mode to sustainability mode.

    Matt Koca, Engineering
    Flexco Family Member Since: 2007

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    I grew up in Grand Rapids and to be able to work for the best employer in town is pretty amazing. I’m at a great company and close to family, so retirement at Flexco is a definite goal.

    Sander Romers, Marketing
    Flexco Family Member Since: 2010

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    As long as I am productive, management has always allowed me to be independent. If they didn’t let that happen, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

    Teresa Rayburn, Materials Management
    Flexco Family Member Since: 2001

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